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Maggie Betley Zoo Ceramics Hares
Tracy Wright Zoo Ceramics Foxes
A stunning collection of wildlife transformed into a decorative and functional vessel.  Maggie's carved animal heads appear life like as well as being almost life size.  Many have intricate patterns incised on the reverse of the piece, enabling them to be displayed in a versatile way. They can be used to hold flowers, plants, candles and adapted as lighting features. Positioned in an outdoor setting or incorporated into a water fountain, they add a dramatic aspect to a garden.
Amusing penguins with entertaining feet are contrasted dramatically with the brooding, spiky necked vultures and the bemused dodo. Tracy coils and models a diverse range of birds and cats and often introduces a hidden element to a piece. The large owls have a secret mouse peeping out from the landscaped base and the cats have a little wren companion perched on their heads.  Stately and unique these sculptures are a wonderful gift for any animal collector.
Maggie Betley Zoo Ceramics  Maggie Betley Zoo Ceramics Tracy Wright Zoo Ceramics  Tracy Wright Zoo Ceramics
Maggie Betley Zoo Ceramics Tracy Wright Zoo Ceramics