JUNE 2007   Commissions and Exhibitions
Aubourn Hall Sculpture in the Garden Exhibition

RAF Tile Project     Penguin Demo
We have been busy working on some interesting commissions, which can be viewed by clicking on the links below.  Maggie has been working on a tiled panel for an RAF flag pole.  I have designed a new "Union" piece for the penguin range.
'Sculpture in the Garden' Exhibition
16th - 17th June 2007 at Aubourn Hall and Gardens. (Private View Friday 15th June 2007)   This seventeenth century hall has extensive gardens that were laid out in the 1970's by Sir Henry and lady Neville.

Tiger  Aubourn Hall   Cassowary
Tiger by Maggie Betley.....Aubourn Hall.....Cassowary by Tracy Wright
Large Cats           CLarge cats
Large Cat Head Pots By Maggie Betley
Tracy Wright Demo           Maggie Betley Demo
Demonstrations by Tracy Wright and Maggie Betley
Peacock and Peahen
Peacock and Peahen by Tracy Wright
Treelix           Tiles
Treelix by Mark Clarke.....Tiles by Lyn Lovitt
Hare   Mother and Child   Grass Pot Man with Earrings
Sitting Hare by Julia Hulme....................Grass Pot Man by Dawn Isaac
Mother and child by Peter Hawes at Kirton Pottery
Demo   Shard   Lion
Demonstration by Carlos Dare....................Lion by Carlos Dare
Shard by Phil Eames

 Bob Oakes 1           Bob Oakes 2

Designs by Bob Oakes

Ellipse            Jill Tattershall

Ellipse by Xceptional Designs     Design by Jill Tattershall

Fish            Hens

Fish by Hazel Burnham     Hens by Sally Bailey
Coot            Swans
Birds by Lyn Lovitt
Bee   Heckington Chimes   Owl
Bee by Zoo....................Owl by Dawn Isaac
Heckington Chimes by Ben Coode-Adams
Vertical Banner           Poppies
Vertical Banners by Davies.....Poppies by Kate Sell
Sun in Bed   Wren Demo   Seat of Forbidden Knowledge
Sun in Bed by Richard Bett....................Seat by Lorraine Botterill
Wren Stone Seat End by Andrew Oldfield
Fairy by Xceptional Design
Grave Crow 1   Grave Crow 2   Grave Crow 3
The Grave Yard Crow by Tracy Wright
Photographed by Terry Mason

Grave Crow 4

Our photographer friend Terry Mason, took it upon himself to kidnap my demonstration piece and photograph it in the nearby church yard; much to the amusement and consternation of the locals.
 By Tracy Wright 24th June 2007  
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