NOVEMBER  Exhibitions 2008 - 2009
1 All Saints
It is always an honour to be invited to take part in an exhibition and interesting to see our work displayed in some alternative environments. For example it can totally alter your perception of a piece of work when it is displayed in a celestial church setting.  Many thanks to Lorraine Tarr for inviting us to All Saints Church in Hykeham Lincoln.
All Saints Church June 2008
2 All Saints
3 All Saints
Spout Yard August 2008
4 Spout Yard
5 Spout Yard
We took part in two exhibitions organised by Bob Oakes and the Art on the Map Open Studio Steering Group.  These open air venues provided our work with some picturesque backdrops.  The Spout Yard Gallery is an inspiring community project, that provides the Louth community with a tranquil space and Hackthorne Hall has very elegant gardens.
Hackthorne Hall September 2008
6 Hackthorne Hall
7 Hackthorne Hall

8 Hackthorne Hall

Goat Pig Highland Sheep and Cow Head Pots
Wild at Heart September 2008
9 Wild at Heart
10 Wild at Heart

11 Wild at Heart
A big thank you to Anne and Stuart for inviting us to the featured artist for September at their wonderful wildlife gallery in Broxholme near Lincoln.  This couple work so hard to create the perfect setting in which to place an artists' work.
Conkers October 2008
15 Conkers
16 Conkers
14 Conkers
13 Conkers
12 Conkers
Zoo Ceramics was very honoured to be invited to exhibit at the opening of the new National Forest Gallery at Conkers Discovery Centre in South Derbyshire.  The curator Cordelia Mellor-Whiting and her team have created a wonderful exhibition space in the mist of a vast activity centre.
17 Conkers
Maggie and Cordelia at the National Forest Gallery Grand Opening
By Tracy Wright 18th November 2008