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Giftware Gallery - Gargoyles - Gargoyle Beakhead Hangers
 4.5 cm wide by 9.5 cm high by 1.5 cm deep.
CODE  ZHG    A Arrow   C Corn   F Flower
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DESCRIPTION    Decorative little stoneware gargoyle pottery carved face hanger with an arrow tongue pattern design. There are two small holes at the top, through which is treaded a 6 mm satin brown ribbon, to enable the piece to be hung. This tile plaque has a rustic brown oxide finish and is frost and water proof and can alternatively be used as a decoration for use both indoors and out.

COLOUR   Brown matt oxide glaze.
MATERIALS   Stoneware fired ceramic to 1260 degrees.
RANGE   We have many pieces in our gargoyle range including these 3 beakhead hangers, arrow tongue, corn beard and flower. In the Lincoln Cathedral Imp range there is a little flat Imp Hanger, a Cheeky Imp Hanger and a Large Imp Plaque. There are 4 square Gargoyle Plaques, including a naughty nose picker, green man, lucky clover and toothache.

ARTIST’S STATEMENT   Beakheads are the name given to small stone carved faces that decorate the archways of many ancient buildings in Europe. The tongues or beards of the creatures would wrap around the curve of the arch and the funny face would stare down upon those entering the building. Their exact purpose was possibly to ward off evil and to protect those who entered. We have been incorporating gargoyles in to our animal range for many years. This is probably because we live near Lincoln cathedral, that is a rich source of inspiration with hundreds of intricate stone faces and mythical creatures embedded within the walls. Our three little beakhead gargoyle hangers were inspired by ones that can be found on the arched doorway of Lincoln Cathedral.

PLEASE NOTE   The listing is for one hanger shown in the first three images. We make lots of these designs, so the item you receive will be very similar, but not necessarily the one shown. Due to the hand-made nature of the pieces there may be slight variations in size, pattern and colour, but be reassured that we only send out the finest examples. The brown satin ribbon may vary slightly.

METHOD OF CONSTRUCTION   We hand carve the original and then cast it in plaster. We make our own liquid clay slip that is poured in to the moulds for a few hours, then drained and allowed to set over night. The cast is then removed from the mould, then trimmed and finished and left to dry before being bisque fired in an electric kiln to 1000°C. The kiln takes 24 hours to cool before being emptied out and the pieces glazed. Our own stoneware glazes are dipped, poured, painted and sprayed on to our designs. The glazed work goes back into the kiln for a second firing up to 1260°C, which fixes the glaze permanently and make the piece frost proof and water resistant. Each piece can take about 2 weeks to create; whilst larger pieces can take over a month to complete.

POSTAGE AND DISCOUNT   Orders will be sent out from the UK by Royal Mail in secure double packaging by Second Class (unless you paid extra for First) or by International Standard post. Combined orders that go over £20 will go by Signed and Tracked services and large sculptural items will be sent by Signed and Tracked Parcelforce services. P&P discount is available if you purchase several of our designs, which is automatically deducted from your total. If ordering more than two giftware items, postage for other items will be discounted by 50%.

DELIVERY TIMES   Are in working days that do not include weekends or bank holidays and times may be effected by Covid.

UNITED KINGDOM 2nd Class 2 – 3 days
UNITED KINGDOM 1st Class 1 – 2 days
EUROPE 3 – 5 days.
WORLD 1 – N + S AMERICA, AFRICA, ASIA 6 – 7 days
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