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Over the years Maggie and I have had some unusual requests, so when PC Andy Durham from the Lincolnshire Police Dog Section contacted us with a commission, we took it in our stride; or rather in a furry canine stride.  Andy is a training instructor who works with many dog breeds but predominately German shepherds and he asked us if we could make some presentation plates. So, on a sunny autumn day he and several colleagues and four amazing police dogs turned up at the studio in a very large white van to have their paws printed.

How hard could this be?
1 Police Dogs
2 Police Dogs
3 Police Dogs
PC Gridley with PD Leo
First we had a willing volunteer in the form of PC Gridley with his fluffy partner PD Leo.  Leo is quite a young dog and a little shy, so he averted his face when the paw was placed on the cold wet clay.
4 Police Dogs
5 Police Dogs
6 Police Dogs
PC Judge with PD Mako
Next up was PC Judge and PD Mako, both equally professional and unfazed by the manoeuvre. Mako's approach was to just walk all over the tile.
7 Police Dogs
8 Police Dogs
9 Police Dogs
PC Ball with PD Isaac
PC Ball had to encourage PD Isaac to work with the programme, but if only dogs could talk.  In the last picture I am convinced that Issac is saying "Hey look you Guys I didn't sign up for this!"
10 Police Dogs
11 Police Dogs
PC Smith with PD Henry
Finally there was only one dog left and that one belonged to PC Smith.  PD Henry was a huge dog and I am glad he had been fed before being coaxed to mess about with a bit a clay.
12 Police Dogs
Once we obtained the paw prints, the tiles were cleaned up and left to dry out a little before the lettering and logo badges was added.  The tiles were boarded up and left to dry out slowly for two weeks before being bisque fired; then stoneware stains and glazes were added to the finished tiles.
13 Police Dogs
14 Police Dogs
15 Police Dogs
16 Police Dogs
Police dog paw prints and finished tiles with lettering and logo badges
17 Police Dogs
18 Police Dogs
Unfired glaze work
Finished Tiles
19 Police Dogs
The Lincolnshire Police Dog Section
Cat and Dog Commissions
20 Cat Commissions
21 Cat Commissions
1.  Ellie head image
2.  Ellie body image
22 Cat Commissions
23 Cat Commissions
3.  Ellie front view
4. Ellie side view
Ellie The Cat
24 Dog Commissions
25 Dog Commissions
1. Marley finished carving
2.  Marley front image
26 Dog Commissions
27 Dog Commissions
3.  Maggie glazing Marley
4.  Marley front view
Marley the Dog
To commission a sculpture of your pet, simply contact us with your requirements and we will provide you with a quote and production schedule.   Pieces may take up to three months to complete and possibly longer at Christmas.  We will always keep you informed of the progress of your piece with frequent photographic reports.  Please provide as many clear images of your animal form various positions; not forgetting an important back view.  Prices range from between £150 to £300 depending on size, amount of detail and glazing.  
By Tracy Wright 28th February 2010