OCTOBER 2011  Potters at Living Heritage Craft Shows




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During the Summer of 2010 and 2011 we were invited by Marge from Living Heritage Craft Shows to organise a pottery demonstration marquee at the Sculpture and Art Fairs at Sandingham, Burghley, Chelmsford and Kedleston.  It was quite an honour and a challenge to gather a variety of potters who could demonstrate their skills on a large scale at a public event, but after many hours of research and chatting we were very happy with the diversity of artists we had selected.
Zoo Ceramics
Zoo Ceramics
Zoo Ceramics
Tracy Wright Demonstrating
Tracy Carving an Owl
Zoo Ceramics
Zoo Ceramics at the Living Heritage Craft Shows
Whilst I was demonstrating sculpting and modelling techniques, Maggie with the help of her daughter Emmeline were running the tile workshop for adults and children.
Maggie Betley Tile Workshop
Emmeline Betley Tile Workshop
Maggie and Emmeline Betley running a Tile Workshop
Judging by the results shown here, there are some very talented individuals out there.

Zoo Ceramics Tile Workshop 1  Zoo Ceramics Tile Workshop 2  Zoo Ceramics Tile Workshop 3  Zoo Ceramics Tile Workshop 4  Zoo Ceramics Tile Workshop 5
Examples of Tiles
Sandra and Steve Smith brought their collection of wonderful thrown and modelled giftware, whilst Steve diligently created an "army " of dragons.  I wonder what the collective noun is for a group of dragons?  Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.  Chris Dawes and Roy Clarke turned pot after pot on their wheels and Bob Emmett spent his time drilling holes into his designs.
Sandra Smith Potter
Chris dDwes Demonstrating
Roy Clarke Potter
Sandra Smith
Chris Dawes
Roy Clarke
Sandra Smith Ceramics
Chris Dawes Bowl
Roy Clarke Pottery

Steve Smith Potter

Steve Smith
Louise Salsbury Leaf Ceramics
David Salsbury Potter
Bob Emmett Potter
Louise Salsbury
David Salsbury
Bob Emmett
Lousie Salsbury Potter
David Salsbury Ceramic Dish
Bob Emmettt Pottery
Julia Hulme Potter
Chris Ramsey Potter
Katherine Winfrey Potter
Julia Hulme
Chris Rumsey
Katherine Winfrey
Julia Hulme Ceramic Animals
Chris Rumsey Pottery
Katherine Winfrey Tiles
Julia Hulme used her fascinating slab process to create her lovely pig sculpture, whilst Chris Rumsey used the coiling method to create his intriguing light vessels.  katherine Winfrey used traditional slip glazing techniques to paint her beautiful designs, whilst Louise and David Salsbury delicately painted their pretty gift tags and large bowls.  David Pantling was also painting his pieces in a bold contemporary style, whilst coil potter Shaynie Gash carefully blended together her finely coloured agate coils. All round thrower, slab builder and modeller, John Hermansen created a dynamic warrier's helmet with dragon adornment on top.

David Pantling Potter
John Hermansen Potter

Shaynie Gash Potter
David Pantling
Shaynie Gash
David Pantling Pottery
Shaynie Gash Pottery
John Hermansen

Potters at the Seaside 1
Potters at the Seaside 2
Potters at the Seaside 3
Potters at the Seaside
After a hard days creating, the potters were happy to spend a pleasant evening at the beach eating fish and chips and watching the sun go down.
Mark, Marge and their Team work very hard to put on some wonderful mixed craft and giftware events at some spectacular locations.  For the visitor there are some amazing large scale demonstration projects to observe, like the wood carving displays shown below.  Craft workers can expect to attend well advertised events that draw large crowds and you are given lots of extra space to demonstrate.

Wood Carving at Living Heritage Sandringham Craft Show 1   Wood Carving at Living Heritage Sandringham Craft Show 2   Wood Carving at Living Heritage Sandringham Craft Show 3   Wood Carving at Living Heritage Sandringham Craft Show 4   Wood Carving at Living Heritage Sandringham Craft Show 5
Chain Saw Wood Carvers at the Living Heritage Craft Shows
Maggie and I would just like to thank Marge for the great experience she gave to us and a big thank you to all the potters who supported the events and put on some amazing displays of their work.
By Tracy Wright 26th February 2012