MARCH 2012   The First Lincoln Artists Market




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The first Lincoln Artists Market featuring the art and craft work of some of the regions finest designer-makers was held in the stunning setting at the heart of the Cathedral Quarter in the Castle Square.  The artist Lea Goldberg had been invited by the Lincoln Business Improvement Group (Lincoln BIG ) to coordinate this event.  The fairs will run from March to October on the first Saturday of each month and the very first one proved to be a BIG success.  
Cat By Tracy wright
Maggie Betley Zoo Ceramics
Zebra by Maggie Betley
Cat by Tracy
Maggie at the Lincoln Artists Market
Zebra by Maggie
The day started overcast and misty with a fine drizzle, but soon turned into a glorious Spring day, which brought out all the locals and the tourists.  The market stalls are placed around the perimeter of the cobbled grounds encircled by some of Lincolnshire's most spectacular buildings.  The impressive arched gateway of Lincoln Castle forms a stunning backdrop to the Artist's stalls, whilst above towers the magnificent facade of Lincoln Cathedral.
Lincoln Artists Markets at Lincoln Cathedral Sqaure
Lincoln Artists Markets at Lincoln Castle Square
Lincoln Artists Market Cathedral View
Lincoln Artists Market Castle View
Osacar Kinski
Gill Vines
Oskar Kinski Painter and Sculptor
Gill Vines Painter
Lea Goldberg had brought together a wonderful group of artists for the first show and here are featured a colourful selection.  Oskar Kinski's energetic action paintings contrasted well against the delicate landscapes of Gill Vine.  Paul Kemp brought his new body of prints featuring his delicate still life's and landscapes, whilst Charlotte Kessler's dream-like figurative designs added a scene of magic and mystery to the show.

Wayne Lockwood
Julie Willoughby
Paul Kemp
Wayne Lockwood Printer
Julie Willoughby from Zoomorphia
Paul Kemp Painter
Wayne Lockwood
Julie Willoughby
Paul Kemp

As animal sculptor's Maggie and I particularly enjoyed the work of Wayne Lockwood with his symbolic representations of wildlife and with a name like Zoomorphia, Zoo Ceramics highly rated the embroidered fabric delights of Julie Willoughby.

Charlotte Kessler
Charlotte Kessler
Charlotte Kessler
Listening to the Moon
Charlotte Kessler
Blown Away
More fabric creations could be found in the stunning handbags of our good friend Irene Campsill, who uses some of the most sumptuous fabrics to create her bags and karen Lockwood had a cute collection of contemporary and traditional designs within her Little Owl Nest Creations.
Karen Lockwood
Irene Campsill Handbag Designer
karen Lockwood Fabric Artist
Celia Rose Popplewell
Celia Rose Popplewell
Celia Rose and Denise Popplewell Jewellery Designer
It is always a pleasure to meet a first-timer on a craft event and we wish newcomer Celia luck with her beautiful silver jewellery from the Celia Rose.co collection.  A special mention must go to Celia's mum Denise, who put together her daughter's first stand, as Celia was making her way up from London.  Well done Mum!

lea Goldberg
lea Goldberg
lea Goldberg
lea Goldberg
Lea Goldberg Artist, Potter and Show Coordinator

A Game of Musical Chairs - But with Shops
Approximately eighteen years ago, three talented Lincolnshire artists took up resident on the Steep Hill in Lincoln.  Jeweller John Creed opened his shop opposite Lea Goldberg's Omnipus, whilst further up the hill could be found Andrew Mac Donald's Pot Shop.  Recently John has taken up residence in a larger space in the centre of Lincoln, enabling Andrew to take over  his old shop and Lea decide to pop over and keep him company.  Andrew is a skilled practitioner of medieval replicas and also creates a traditional range of functional ware.  Lea paints and pots a fabulous collection of animals and has a particular fondness for the feline species.  Good Luck with your joint enterprises and a big thank you to Lea for putting on a brilliant first show.

Andrew MacDonald
Andrew MacDonald
Andrew MacDonald
Andrew MacDonald at The Pot Shop on Lincoln's Steep Hill

Each month will find an ever changing collection of Artist's featuring their work at this event, so put a note in your diary for the following dates.
Lincoln Artists Market
In the Castle Square between Lincoln Castle and the Cathedral
From March - October 2012 on the First Saturday of Each Month
Zoo Ceramics shall be existing on 3rd March , 7th July, 4th August and 1st September
For more details on these shows contact Lea Goldberg
By Tracy Wright 21st March 2012