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Zoo Ceramics joins Facebook and Etsy
Bat Light Pulls by Zoo Ceramics
16th February 2013      What better way to start celebrating 25 years in business, than by finally getting ourselves connected to the rest of the world. It is a very usy start to the year, as we have also just opened up our new on-line Etsy shop.  Now our work can be purchased quickly and easily form Ebay and Etsy.         
Zoo Ceramics Ebay Shop     Zoo Ceramics Etsy Shop
For over twenty years we have been selling our designs at trade shows, which has resulted in our work being purchased by hundreds of shops and galleries around the United Kingdom and in Europe.  More recently we have been developing our own gallery in Waddington village and utilizing our on-line ebay shop and creating an etsy shop. This has kept us very busy, but we still like to keep up to date with our local outlets and one of our favourite places is the Manor Stables Craft Centre in Fulbeck, run by Jane and Gary Watmore.
Manor Stables Fulbeck
Manor Stables Craft Centre and Workshops in Fulbeck Lincolnshire
This is a very pretty place to visit especially when the sun is shining on a perfect spring day and all the snowdrops and aconite are in flower.
Aconites at Manor Stables
Snowdrops at Manor Stables
Aconites at Manor Stables
Snowdrops at Manor Stables
Manor Stables has been stocking our ceramics for over twenty four years and Jane has been established here for the last dozen.  Jane is very supportive of local Lincolnshire talent and was keen to show us the beautiful rush work chairs by Peter Austin.  Jane will also take the time and trouble to get to know artists from further a field and promote their designs in the spacious gallery section at the stables.  A bold and creative selection of work is evident at Manor Stables and traditional crafts are happily placed alongside more contemporary abstract art work, like the colourful creations by Michelle Luter.

Jane Watmore at Manor Stables
Jane Watmore at Manor Stables
Jane Watmore at Manor Stables
Jane Watmore takes a tour around the Manor Stables Craft Centre

Maggie and I brought a varied range of old and new designs to the stables and our usual practice is to empty all the work out all over the floor and shelves, ready for Jane to display later.  Maggie has been working on a new collection of fish and daisy plaques designs and some new little birds, whilst I left Jane with a new pack of rats and mice.   We placed some kiwi egg cups on the counter, left baskets of light pulls on the chair and a little gang of spiders running around the carpet.  It will keep Jane amused for the rest of the day, but she told us that she loves displaying a fresh body of work, so we didn't feel too guilty leaving her surrounded by a gang of our Zoo Ceramics.


Fish Plaque by Maggie Betley Daisy Plaque by Maggie Betley
Fish Plaque by Maggie Betley Daisy Plaque by Maggie Betley
Daisy Clock by Maggie Betley
Daisy Clock by Maggie Betley
Rat in a Top Hat by Tracy Wright Wood Mouse by Tracy Wright
Rat in a Top Hat by Tracy Wright Wood Mouse by Tracy Wright
The Tack Room
A trip to Manor Stables would not be complete without a visit to the Tack Room. This little cafe sells a superb range of connoisseur coffees and specialty teas, together with a wonderful range of food.  I can highly recommend the bacon and thyme mushrooms on muffins.  Butch and Rachel have been here for two years and have created a wonderfully cushion strewn, log firing burning, cake and vintage sweet haven.

The Tack Shop
Rachel and Butch at the Tack Shop
The Tack Shop
Rachel and Butch at The Tack Room

Work Spaces Available at Manor Stables
Every now and again a work space becomes available at the Manor Stables Craft Centre and Jane informed us that at present there are two units available to let for about £80 a month.  These spaces provide a really pleasant working environment in a well established tourist attraction.  For more details contact Jane directly on Tel: 01400 272779 or visit the website on the link below.
By Tracy Wright 22nd February 2013