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Glenfiddich To The Rescue
Cathedral Daisy Vase Maggie Betley
28 June 2013     Maggie was having trouble getting her extra large Cathedral Daisy Pots to stand up, then worked out that a Glenfiddich tin was just the shape to hold the piece upright whilst she assembled the panels. Good job her husband is partial to a drop of the strong stuff.
Maggie Betley Cathedral Daisy Vase
Wild Dotty Cat Spotted at Utterby
Cat by Tracy Wright from Zoo Ceramics
13 June 2013     Maggie and Tracy have been setting out their sculptures at the
Utterby Garden & Sculpture Trail today. Several beautiful gardens on Church Lane are hosting this event to raise funds for the church of St Andrew's. Tracy's wild ocelot cat and robin can be found in the Manor House garden. The show runs from the 15th until the 23rd June with a private view tomorrow evening.
Is there a God?
Vulture by Tracy Wright Zoo Ceramics
12 June 2013     As potters working with dangerous chemicals and firing them to ridiculously high temperatures, it is a superstitious necessity to put a protective God on top of the kiln that is being used. These vultures survived a firing and are now going to the Utterby Garden and Sculpture show. Do other folk have little protective spirits or Gods to safeguard their work whilst it is being created, or is it just a crazy thing that some potters do?
Race For Life

9 June 2013      Tracy from Zoo Ceramics joined several members of the pottery class to run the Race For Life at the Lincolnshire show ground. Student Preeti ran for her lovely friend also called Preeti and Tracy ran for her pottery friend Louise of Salsbury Ceramics who last month raised an amazing £1395 for cancer Research with the sale of donated plates at the Ceramics in Charnwood Pottery show. Today the ladies jointly added over another £750 more to the fund.
Utterby Garden and Sculpture Trail
4 June 2013     This year the SAP Sculpture and Plant exhibition formerly shown at Hall Farm in Harpswell has now moved to the picturesque Lincolnshire village of Utterby to raise funds for the local parish church of St Andrew's.

The event will be taking place in the gardens of Moat Farm, The Paddock, and The Manor House on Church Lane. The exhibition will run from 15 June to 23 June from 11am – 4pm.
For more details please visit www.the-ropewalk.co.uk/sap
What do you call a group of Dodos?
30 May 2013     A Murder of Crows, a Charm of Finches, and a Parliament of Owls, but what would you call a group of Dodos?

This little post sparked of a wonderful debate on the possible term for a collection of dodos. People came up with some excellent ideas from David's 'an absense' to Jean's 'a miracle'. I particularly like Barbara's 'Tynwald of Dodos', taken from the oldest continuous parliament in the World and Angela's 'extinction' and 'dearth'. I personally would call them a 'destinction of dodos'.

If you have any ideas, click on the facebook link and come like our page and join in.

Beak Heads Let Loose at Lincoln Artists' Market
Gargoyle Magnets by Maggie Betley Zoo Ceramics
29 May 2013   Maggie's new Gargoyle Magnets and little plaques, inspired by the stone carved beak-head motifs on the Lincoln Cathedral doorways, are embarking on their first outing this Saturday at the Lincoln Artist's Market.
(Please note the gargoyles in the image are not shown actual size, as this would make them over 50 foot high……… now there is an idea!)
Bunnies at Blickling
Daisy Hares at Blickling Hall
24 May 2013    Zoo Ceramics are off to Blickling Hall in Norwich this bank holiday weekend for our craft show with the Eastern Events Ltd Team. The Hares are coming too, along with some Dodos. Maggie will be doing a Tile Workshop and Tracy will be working on some Alice in Wonderland designs.
How to make an Exploding Dodo
Exploding Dodo

23 May 2013   

1. Make a Dodo using a hollow ball of clay.
2. Add head, feet, wings and tail feathers.
3. Forget to put little holes in beak and feet.
4. Fire Dodo to 1000 degrees in a kiln. The air inside the Dodo will no w get very hot and as there are no little holes for the hot air to escape, your Dodo will spectacularly explode.

Please do not try this at home, as it is dangerous, pointless and cruel to dodos.

Oh No…No Cake…Catatastrope!
Fish Plate by Maggie Betley

18 May 2013    Unfortunately Zoo Ceramics have had to pull out of the Ceramics in Charnwood pottery show tomorrow, due to illness. We shall be selling our Dodo and Fish Cake Plates for charity at our Blicking Hall Craft Show next weekend. We hope all the potters have a wonderful day and everyone supports Lousie Salsbury's Cake on a Plate scheme to raise funds for the fight against cancer.

Delicious Dodo Dish
Dodo Dish by Tracy Wright from Zoo Ceramics

12 May 2013    Here is Tracy's offering for the Ceramics in Charnwood Pottery Show. Many potters attending this event in Loughborough next Sunday have donated a plate that will be sold with a cake for £10 each and all the funds raised go towards the fight against cancer.

Zoo Ceramics 25 Years From Dodos To Daisies


12 May 2013    Maggie and Tracy are designing some fliers for their 25 years exhibition at the Sam Scorer Gallery in October. The event will be titled “From dodos To Daisies” and will feature lots of new creations and some old favourites.

Flower Power!
Emmeline Betley with hare by Maggei Betley Zoo Ceramics

8 May 2013    Emmeline “Rose” Betley is featured with her mum's “Hare with Daisies” and snapped by photographer Simon Deacon for the Burton Mail. Emmeline helped with the tile workshop at our craft show at Calke Abbey this weekend and had her face painted by the talented Stephanie Farwell.

“Off With Their Heads!” screams the Queen in Alice in Wonderland
Tracy Wright from Zoo Ceramics Building Dodos

2 May 2013    However, Tracy is actually putting heads on to her Dodos. (Well they would look rather odd without them.)
Tracy will be demonstrating the Dodos at Calke Abbey this weekend, whilst Maggie will be running a tile workshop and the sun will be shining all through the bank holiday weekend. Could this be a new world weather record?25th April 2013      With such little legs and rather large bodies, this is the only way Tracy can store the birds to let them dry before carving the details. Otherwise they tend to fall on their heads and end up with squashed beaks; not a good look.

Why are the Dodos Dancing Beak to Beak?
Mini Dodos Demo by Tracy wright from Zoo Ceramics
25th April 2013      With such little legs and rather large bodies, this is the only way Tracy can store the birds to let them dry before carving the details. Otherwise they tend to fall on their heads and end up with squashed beaks; not a good look.
Cold Chicken
Tracy Wright at the Lincoln Artists' Market
2nd March 2013     With The first Lincoln Artists' Market on Castle Hill in Lincoln was rather chilly, so Tracy sat cuddled up to her chicken and cockerel for warmth. Our stand was sandwiched between Natalie from Upsydaisy Craft with her lovely new birds in boxes and Wayne Lockwood's fantastic animal lino prints. It's always nice to have such warm and friendly neighbours on such a cold, but fortunately sunny start to our craft show season. We shall be back in Lincoln again on 6th March.

Zoo Ceramics Facebook Page
By Tracy Wright 9th January 2014