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Pottery Class FAQ
Zoo Ceramics Pottery Classes Figures
Zoo Ceramics Pottery Classes face
Zoo Ceramics Pottery Class Figures
Family Group by Lisa
Face by Michelle
Figures by Annabel
COVID SAFETY:- We have an enhanced cleaning routine when entering and leaving the pottery.  All students will be placed 2 meters from another student in a well ventilated room. Each student will have their own tools, cleaning materials and equipment that will be throughly cleaned after each use.  Use of clay will be strcitly monitored and used clay will be recylced and stored, but not used in the pottery for several months.  Masks are conpulsory and must be owrn at all times.
HOW TO BOOK:- By email or phone on the the links below and provide us with:-
1. Your name, address and telephone number.
2. The list of days. (Tuesday Eve 7 -9 pm,  Wednesday Afternoon  1 - 3 pm or Wednesday Eve  7 - 9 pm)
3. If applying for more than one person, please indicate if you would accept a single place, or if you only want to join together.
CLASSES:- Each session is run by one of the partners, who will introduce you to a range of hand building techniques including, slab, coil, modelling and sculpting. The classes are suitable for all levels of ability. There are three classes during the week on Wednesday afternoons and Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  Each class runs for two hours.
PAYMENT:- Classes cost £10.00 per session which is payable in full at before the start of each term by bacs, cash or post-dated-cheque made payable to "Zoo Ceramics." Materials are extra and on average cost between £10.00 - £50.00 per term; depending on size of work and the clay and glazes being used.
WHERE:- At the Zoo Ceramics studio work shop in Waddington village, five minutes outside Lincoln.  There are lots of free parking spaces in the area and we also have a large driveway. Please be aware that the Budgnes car park has a 2 hour time limit.  Go through the garden and under the trellis to the cottage entrance at the rear. To view a map go to the CONTACT section.
HOW TO CONTACT:- Email or telephone for details.
Email  [email protected]
Telephone   01522 722297
WHAT TO BRING:- All tools and materials are provided, but you may want to bring some personal tools and a sketch book . All you need to bring is an overall.
REFRESHMENTS:- Complimentary drinks are provided in the middle of each session, accept during the pandemic, but you are welcoem to bring your own.
PROJECTS:- Each term we introduce a creative project to inspire and challenge the students; who are welcome to take part if they wish. Previous themes have included "Genealogy", and the cryptic titles "In the Box" and "Hidden by Design."
Zoo Ceramics Pottery Class Puzzle
Zoo Ceramics Pottery Classes Birds
Zoo Ceramics Pottery Class Coil
Bee Puzzle by Charles
Porcelain Birds By Vicki
Jug by Katie
 2021 Term 2    William Morris — 'Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.'
GRASS HOPPER:- We operate a "grass hopper" system, whereby if you miss a class, you have the option to" jump" on to another session in the following weeks to catch up. In this way you will not loss any money due to holidays or illness. This system only works if you inform us of any sessions you are going to miss, so that we can offer them to another student waiting for a space.  Unfortunatley we can not operate the grass hopper system during the pandemic, but you are welcome to take clay home to complete work. You can also take advantage of the free sessions that we run during the year and use it as a ctch up session for any missed classes.
RAKU:- The Summer Barbeque Raku session is a popular event, which includes lots of food and flames.  You can see images of this event and pictures of the class work by clicking on the links at the bottom.
WINTER FEAST :- In Mid November when the classes have finished we organise an optional get-together where we eat, drink and merrily announce the winners of the Project Competition.
OPEN STUDIO:- On occasion we have an extended FREE FAMILY AND FRIENDS session, where you can spend time catching up on some work, or bringing along a friend or family member to explore the clay. These sessions are for members only and each student is responsible for any work their guest produces.
Zoo Ceramics Pottery Class Hare
Zoo Ceramics Pottery Classes Buddha
Zoo Ceramics Pottery Class hen
Hare by Ian
Buddha by Preeti
Hen by Sue
CAN MY SON/DAUGHTER JOIN THE CLASSES?  As the classes are specifically for adults the youngest we will accept is a sensible15 years old.
WHERE AM I ON THE WAITING LIST?  Contact us anytime for an update on your exact position.
ARE MY CONTACT DETAILS SAFE WITH YOU?  Zoo Ceramics will never pass on your personal details to any other party without your permission.
ARE YOU GOING TO CREATE MORE CLASSES?  Alas no, as we also like to make some work too!
DO YOU OFFER A FREE TASTER SESSION?  No, as we already offer private classes and workshops.  We have also created extensive pottery class pages with lots of images that we feel fully explain our classes. You are very welcome to come and visit the pottery to see examples of the students' work and to see where and how we run the classes.
WHAT HAPPENS IF I AM UNABLE TO FINISH THE COURSE - WILL I GET A REFUND FOR ANY MISSED CLASSES ? Refunds may be given for specific cases, such as long term illness or allergies to materials, but this may be dependent us finding a replacement for the space.
DO YOU DO THROWING ON A WHEEL AS PART OF YOUR CLASSES?  No. We speacise in hand building techniques.
CAN YOU RECOMEND ANY THROWING CLASSES IN THE LINCOLNSHIRE AREA?  To find all the current throwing classes in Lincolnshire, you need to put the reques in google and it will high light all the recent classes.  You could also try the Lincoln Art College, the Alford Craft Market Centre, Anrew MacDonald at the POt Shop in Lincln adn the Oxcombe Pottery in Horncastle and The End Room in Sleaford.  You could also vist the Lincoln Makers' Market in the Castle Square on the first Saturday of each month, as there are several potters that attend that could put you in touch with someone who runs classes.
Zoo Ceramics Pottery Classes FAQ
Zoo Ceramics POttery Classes FAQ
Zoo Ceramics Pottery Classes House
House by Julie
Windmill Box by Heather
Building by Rachel
Pottery Class and Workshop Links
Honey Pot Zoo Ceramics Pottery Class
Bowl Zoo Ceramics Pottery Class
Honey Pot by Kail
Bowl by Pete
Updated 31st March 2021