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The second "Ceramics in Charnwood" one day pottery fair, has once again been organised by Salsbury Ceramics potter's, Louise and David.  Although the event itself is found in the heart of this busy market town, the name Charnwood conjures up a magical environment and traveling into the town from Lincoln along the A60 does not disappoint.  Driving through the quaint wisteria covered villages near the charmingly named Wyneswold and across the River Soar and its tributaries, I imagined I was in Middle Earth and then after emerging from the railway tunnel to suddenly come across a wall of Loughborough's Victorian industrial heritage, was such a dramatic contrast. Almost as dramatic a contrast to the weather today, which has been warm and sunny, unlike our pottery fair, which to put it mildly was freezing and we were in charge of the pottery workshop.  It is a well know fact that biting cold winds and working with cold wet clay are not usually happy partnerships, but the Loughborians are made of very stern stuff and gamely took part in our workshop to produce some lovely tiles.

Zoo Ceramics in Charnwood
Zoo Ceramics at Charnwood
It is quite an impressive site to come across forty of the regions finest potters all in one place and lots of the locals supported us once again; having enjoyed it so much the previous year.  It is also a great opportunity to talk pots, glazes and techniques with all of our colleagues and a chance to buy or swop work with some of our favourites.  
Shelton Pottery
Kath from SapArt
Val from Shelton Pottery
Kath from SapArt
Jean Blood Ceramics
Michael Richmond Ceramic Birds
Jean Blood with Cat
Michael Richmond with Birds
Lynn Hazel Ceramics
Nita Rao Ceramics
Lynn Hazel
Nita Rao
Sue Barton Ceramics   Paul Gibson Ceramic Bird Feeders
Platters by Sue Barton                                                                              Birds by Paul Gibson

Chris Cox Ceramics
Geoff Cox Ceramics
Chris Cox
Geoff Cox
This show provides a great opportunity to educate the public on the wide variety of designs and functions that can be achieved with such a versatile material as clay.  We received lots of great feedback from our customers on what a stunning body of work was on show throughout the event and how enthusiastic all the potters were about their work.

James Faulkner Ceramics
Nicholas Marsh Ceramics
Studio Two Ceramics
Lesley Nason Ceramics
James Faulkner
Nicholas Marsh
Veronica and Pete Ballan
Lesley Nason
James Faulkner Ceramics
Nicholas Marsh Ceramic
Studio Two Ceramics
Lesley Nason Ceramics

On a personal level it was lovely to have a chat and a laugh with old friends and a nice opportunity to make some new ones. I particularly enjoyed meeting Geoff and Christine Cox who run the Potfest Fairs who are always a great inspiration and a fount of all pottery knowledge.  Equally rewarding was chatting to Jon Williams about his wonderfully animated creations and his journey with clay.


Jon Williams Ceramics
Jon Williams Ceramics
Jon Williams Ceramics
Jon Williams

David Salsbury Ceramics
Louise Salsbury Ceramics
David and Louise from Salsbury Ceramics
A big thank you to Louise and David Salsbury for putting together this fabulous event and we are already looking forward to next year.
For more details on this show and lots more images on their facebook page contact Louise and David Salsbury on their website below
By Tracy Wright 25th May 2012